“Dear Mr. White:

First let me apologize for letting so much time pass before I could send you a proper thank you.

On behalf of the board of directors and the members of the Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors and everyone who attended your presentation at our annual conference in October, I want to thank you.

As you know, I heard you speak on a previous occasion and had your book at my office, where my president, Joe Clayton, saw it and asked for you to be our keynote speaker. Here is a quote from him:

‘Danny White’s book is a gripping read. Having read his account and seen his photograph I thought I had a good understanding of the man and his message. Then I met him; he is a towering man whose photos don’t give a true sense of his presence. A humble man with a positive message; he held our group’s attention, not an easy task. I have never seen so many of our folks engage a speaker after a session, and I have never had so many people make comments about a speaker reaching them on a personal level.’

I don’t think there is more that I can say other than it was a pleasure to work with you. Your professionalism and insight to details made my job much easier.

Again, thank you for being a part of our conference.


Sandra C. Boeckman
Executive Director
Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors”

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Testimonials, from Honors Students, taken from Rachel Morris’ e-mail (Assistant to the Vice Provost, Missouri University of Science & Technology, Academic Support):

“Mr. Danny White is a phenomenal speaker who emphasizes the need for personal development, through retrospection, introspection, and observation of others. Every person in the room who was engaged and paying attention to what Mr. White had to tell us should consider themselves lucky for getting such positive life altering advice. I know I am very grateful for being able to hear Mr. White speak and impart wisdom and truths that I would never learn for myself.

~ Bryce Usrey (University of Missouri Science & Technology Honors Student)

Thank you for the great presentation that you gave at the Honors Academy meeting for The Missouri University of Science and Technology on September 19, 2017. It was a really well thought out speech and carried a lot of meaning or power. Specifically the anecdotes on leadership and life helped me make connections with my own life. You really made a lasting impression on the whole of our Honors group.

With the conclusion of the speech and questions following it I was extremely impressed and sure that my peers all felt the same way. You had us laugh you made connections and really taught a lot to us through your experiences. Specifically one of my peers mentioned, “He really told me some things I needed to hear.” I’m sure with all of the people we had listening in that a lot felt the same way. It was outstanding to hear all that was offered and many are looking to seeing you again in the spring.

It was an outstanding time listening to you and learning about your experiences. Thank you for trying to make it the best time you possibly could, and for succeeding in that endeavor. The speech only made us want to hear more. Thank you again.

~ Theodore Lewis (University of Missouri Science & Technology Honors Student)

On September 19th, 2017 Danny White gave a powerful speech to the impressionable minds of the Missouri University of Science and Technology freshman Honors Academy students. His story touched the hearts of everyone in the room, and left me contemplating my life.

He reminded us hardworking, determined, young adults the dangers of becoming a workaholic and how quickly our world can be changed forever. He showed us an effective method of preparing for our immediate future and then, examining how well we handled the events that followed. Danny White managed all of this while remaining approachable and relatable.

I learned a lot from Danny White, and I still examine my days by his system. I take a marble and ask myself: ‘Did I do the best I could do today: to strangers, to my loved ones, and to myself? How can I do better next time?’ Allowing for a period of self reflection helps make me a better person.

We welcome Danny White back with open arms in the Spring of 2018.

~Aaron Burke (University of Missouri Science & Technology Honors Student)”

“To whom it may concern:

This brief letter of recommendation is in reference to Mr. Danny White, speaker, author, leadership consultant, and founder of Lead with Liberty. On the weekend of November 5-6, 2016, Danny spoke at First Southern Baptist Church of Hutchinson, KS. During our community-wide Veteran’s Appreciation Breakfast, he connected with the audience in a very powerful way. Many compliments and thanks followed.

Mr. White spoke during both worship services Sunday, November 6. The congregation was very attentive when listening to Danny’s remarkable journey. He also intertwined his story with biblical truths and proven leadership principles that were well-received.

I have already referred Danny White to the pastors charged with developing our denomination’s annual Men’s Retreat here in the Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists. I also highly recommend him to you. You will be well-served by “Lead with Liberty”.

Please contact me if additional information is needed.

Thank you for your time.


Roy Jaye, D. Min.”

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“January 14, 2016

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my privilege to commend to you Mr. Danny White, LtCol, USMC (Ret.) as a potential speaker for your church, men’s group, or organization. Danny spoke for our church on Sunday, November 8, 2015 in our two morning worship services for our annual Veteran’s Day Celebration. He spoke to us from his 21 years of military experience about “Lessons Learned as a Leader of Marines.” His message was anchored in the scriptures, yet sprinkled with narrative examples from his personal life.

Danny came back on Sunday night and spoke to us about “Lessons Learned During Adversity” as he shared his testimony of how God graciously helped him navigate the tragedy of his wife and son’s death from a tragic automobile accident that occurred in December 1997, while en route to attend the U.S. Army Engineer School’s Engineer Officer Advanced Course (EOAC) at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. His wife, Jenny, pregnant with their fourth baby, and five-year old son Danny were killed in a single-vehicle accident on I-40, west of Kingman, Arizona. Danny’s story is chronicled in his book, A Widower’s Walk: From Desert To Destiny, describing life as a widower and single father to his two surviving children as together God helped them to process their grief and continue their life’s journey.

After retiring from the Marine Corps, Danny founded Lead with Liberty LLC as a platform from which to encourage other leaders at work, at home, and in their communities. Danny’s passionate message about Christ-like, servant-leadership coupled with his moving testimony of God’s sustaining grace proved not only a blessing to the many veterans present, but also to the larger congregation.

Hence, it gives me great joy to recommend Danny White as a public speaker and brother in Christ who will inspire and encourage your people in their spiritual journey and leadership development. You will not be disappointed. Danny’s authentic message of grace and peace will remain with your people and you long after he has spoken.

In His Service,

Pastor William A. Mills, Jr.”
Senior Pastor, Buena Vista Pentecostal Holiness Church

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July 31, 2015

Lieutenant Colonel Danny White, USMC Retired
Lead with Liberty
P.O. Box 35
Plato, MO 65552

Dear LtCol (Ret) White Danny:

Thank you very much for accepting our invitation to be the guest speaker at the General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital Army Medical Department Regimental Ball on July 24, 2015 on Fort Leonard Wood. It was a pleasure to have you.

The life lessons you spoke to, particularly about appreciating each day as they come and go, resonated with us. One of your four keys to effective leading, ‘Freedom for balancing relationships with productivity’ was particularly relevant to our staff of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Healthcare providers are often bogged down with immense workloads in fast-paced environments and you reminded us that we need to slow down and appreciate the present. We have already heard positive feedback from many of the attendees. They felt a real connection with your message. I only wish we had more time to listen to you speak.

It was an honor for General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital to have you speak at our event. Thank you for a very valuable experience. We know that your time is precious and we are grateful you shared some it with us. We look forward to your participation in future events.


Peter E. Nielsen
Colonel, U.S. Army

Thank you so much for your remarkable words & insights”
Note: This testimonial does not constitute an endorsement by the U.S. Army.

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“May 25, 2015
TO:              Lt. Col. Danny White, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.)
FROM:       Dennis J Fallon, PhD, PE, PMP, FASCE, FASEE,
Distinguished Professor of Engineering Education

First. I wish to apologize for the lateness of this expression of my thanks for you speaking to my senior class during the fall semester. I hope that you accept my apology for continuing to forget to write to you. When you reach a certain age in life, this seems to be one of the biggest problems that you have to deal with.

It is no exaggeration to say your October 2014 presentation to my senior class was the most significant that I have seen in over my 36 years of teaching experience. Most talks focus on the professional component of engineering. Of course, your experience especially through the Marine Corps would be of value to the students especially those students who were entering the military. Nonetheless having said that, your specific talk about your life’s experience (those not directly connected to professional achievement) concerning the priorities an individual must choose as they go through their life after graduation was extremely meaningful to the students. You have an extremely unique message that many of our graduates would benefit hearing.

After your talk I received a large number of positive feedbacks from the students as they sense that life was more than just their professional achievements. The bottom line is – the students were listening and taking in your thoughts. Even an “old dog” like myself took this time to review my life story, and how I have chosen my priorities in my over 45 years of engineering experience.

It is my hope that we can bring you back to The Citadel to provide this talk to the whole engineering student body. This is something they should all come to grasp with as they leave The Citadel. As you express, so eloquently, life is short and what should be of high priority is their family and their faith then comes their professional career. As a young person (who sees themselves living forever) it is difficult for them to envision the future. However, having said that, they really do need to evaluate their priorities and decide what will make them happy throughout their life. For ultimately this is the REAL test of living!

Again, let me express my apology for the lateness of this memo and more importantly let me express my thanks for such an outstanding talk.

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“I actually heard about Danny White through a mutual friend. At first, I wondered if he would come to a church the size of Hillcrest or would he only go to larger churches? The answer I quickly received was that he would go wherever God led him. From the first phone call, I was impressed with his heart for God. Even though there is much tragedy in his testimony, there is also restoration given through the hand of God. His testimony is so powerful and he uses it to bring glory and honor to his Savior.

On Oct. 5, 2014, I had Danny speak for the Sunday morning and Sunday night services to give him plenty of time to tell his story. I’m so glad I did. Our church members were so moved and encouraged that they still talk about it to this day. There are several that still carry marbles in their pockets! You’ll have to invite him to find out what that is all about.

I would highly recommend him to speak for any service or ministry event. You will not regret it! If I can answer any further questions, please feel free to call me at 864-934-4487.”

Laboring and Loving it!

Rev. Larry Baldwin

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“I would like to recommend Danny White, founder of Lead with Liberty, to anyone looking for a professional speaker. I have had the privilege to have him speak in my church multiple times, and my people have fallen in love with him. I highly recommend him as a dynamic and powerful speaker.

His testimony is one of the most horrifying I have heard due to the tragic circumstances that happened. However, it is also one of the most powerful and dynamic testimonies I have ever heard. It is a testimony of God’s grace, mercy, strength, provision and power through extreme tragedy. Danny shares of God’s great faithfulness to love him, hold him tight, and to empower him to go on with the Lord’s help.

Danny is not a preacher (or he does not think he is), but he does share the Word of God through Scripture as he share his story. I know you will be well pleased with Danny. You can know your organization will fall in love with Danny.

I would not recommend Danny if I did not fully trust him. I consider him a brother and a dear friend. I know you will be very pleased with Danny and his speaking. ”


Rev. Shane Donald
Senior Pastor
Cedar Shoals Baptist Church
2014 2nd Vice President South Carolina Baptist Convention

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“It was indeed our pleasure to host Danny White as our keynote speaker for our 4th Annual Hail to Heroes event that was held on February 6, 2015. This event exists to honor our military service members for their service to our country and their volunteerism to the community. Our audience was overwhelmingly military men and women.

As a retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, Danny was able to connect with our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines in telling HIS story of volunteers who reached out to help him during a time of intense grief and difficulties. He spoke passionately about the military leadership who offered guidance and support and he passed along lessons he learned as a Marine, husband and father.

Danny’s story is one of inspiration. He challenged our young soldiers to learn to balance their relationships with responsibilities. His story is courageous and triumphant and Lead with Liberty is a message that should be heard by all.”


Linda J. Bright
Executive Director
Armed Services YMCA of Missouri

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“I first met Danny at a Pastor’s Roundtable meeting in the fall of 2014. I was quite moved by his testimony. His obvious passion for marriage and family was compelling and contagious. Our Lead Pastor was with me that day. A short time later, we were discussing an upcoming sermon series on marriage and we agreed wholeheartedly that we wanted to include Danny as a guest speaker during that series.

In preparation for his visit, both myself and my production team had a lot of opportunity to interact with Danny. He was professional and enjoyable. He responded to all our technical requests in a timely manner. We found him to be very easy to work with.

Our congregation really connected with Danny and his family. His humility and transparency were truly refreshing. He communicated his story in away that made it relatable for our whole church family. We had a unanimously positive response from those who attended that day. My wife and I also had the pleasure of sharing lunch with Danny before he left for home. We enjoyed his company immensely and found ourselves reluctant to say goodbye. We would invite him back to speak without any hesitation. He was a blessing in every way.”

Jim Balch
Associate Pastor

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“Enid First Assembly recently hosted Danny White on Memorial Day weekend. We set this weekend aside annually to honor the active, retired and fallen military. Danny was a perfect fit to accomplish this goal.

Danny is very engaging and excelled at interacting with our congregation. His compelling story is of God’s faithfulness, healing and restoration. He related not only to the military but to all who have gone through tragedy and suffered loss. Danny is passionate about helping hurting people. He spoke into the lives of many in our congregation. He is also very genuine with a transparent spirit.

Danny’s down-to-earth style while being a retired USMC Lt. Colonel was endearing. He is very personable, professional and a delight to work with.

It is with great pleasure that I give my recommendation on behalf of Danny White. If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me at 580.233.1742.”


Bradley J. Barrick
Associate Pastor
Enid First Assembly

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“Thank you for spending time with our members during the 53rd Annual Convention of the Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association. Our lives were certainly touched and our focus altered by rethinking the value of each day of our lives and how we can become leaders through challenging and, on the surface, impossible situations we are called upon to bear. Your message made a tremendous difference in the success of our conference. Many thanks to you and we encourage you to continue your journey of helping others reach a higher level of leadership.”

Lois Keenan
Executive Director
Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association

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“We were recently blessed to have the Colonel to minister to our congregation on a Sunday morning. Wow! What a powerful and moving testimony of the amazing superabundant grace of our loving Father. Danny’s warmth and genuineness immediately endears him to people and captivates their attention to his passionate message. A gifted communicator, he weaves a tapestry of hope, comfort, and encouragement born out of personal tragedy and a long journey of coming into a deeply personal relationship with the living and loving God. His testimony of grief to grace made a tremendous impact on our church family, as it will in any congregation. But more than that, his keen insight into the completely liberating power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for effective Christian leadership in a sin-enslaved world is of profound value. He brings much more than a testimony of divine providence in the midst of personal tragedy. He also brings a wealth of foundational truth designed to transform ordinary believers into spiritual “Marines”. The ministry for which God has graciously prepared him will be a benefit to any congregation, church, or civic group. God has transitioned him from a faithful and fearless servant of our country to a faithful and fearless servant of the church. I encourage you to bring him before your people.”

Dr. C. Mitchell Brooks
Belton Second Baptist, South Carolina

“It is with great joy and anticipation that I am sending this letter of recommendation for former USMC Lt Colonel, Danny White. Danny is a dear friend of mine and it has been a blessing to see how God has molded and shaped him into the man he is today. He has an amazing ability to draw his listeners in as he shares his life’s story.

I would highly recommend Danny as a guest speaker for your church, civic group or gathering as he brings practical application with biblical truth. Danny was our guest speaker for our Men’s Ministry event this past year and we had over 60 men that were encouraged and challenged as he spoke at our Low Country Boil Event. The following night he addressed our entire church for a time of laughter, tears, and reflection about what is truly important in life. As the pastor I was amazed at the receptivity of our congregation and the blessing that Danny was to so many people.

I would be more than happy to discuss my friend Danny White with you if you have any questions. I can be reached by contacting me by phone @ 864-269-2114 or by e-mail @ talkwithbrad@gmail.com.”

Rev. William Brad Atkins, Sr.
Senior Pastor, Powdersville First Baptist Church
2012 President of the South Carolina Baptist Convention

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Thanks again for taking the time to come and speak to the Soldiers of the Fightin’ Fifth.  Your personal story of resilience and comprehensive fitness is powerful and is very timely for so many of our Soldiers who face adversity and increased personal and professional stress. It was evident from the beginning that the Soldiers were captivated by your experience and were able to connect to you. The feedback I have received since from both leaders and Soldiers has been outstanding – I can’t thank you enough for your selfless support and assistance to the Soldiers of the 5th Engineer Battalion.


Lieutenant Colonel Chris McGowan
U.S. Army
Commander, 5th Engineer Battalion
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
Note: This testimonial does not constitute an endorsement by the U.S. Army.

“As the pastor of Neighborhood Church, in Okinawa, Japan, for over 13 years, very few people had an impact on our congregation as did Danny White. He not only talked about his walk from tragedy to triumph, but his life was an example, to hundreds of people, as to how a disaster was turned from the darkness of despair to a life of hope and strength. Danny is living proof that one can go forward in an extremely positive manner after such tremendous loss. Danny’s testimony proves to people that anyone can move beyond the really hard experiences in life to a future that insures a family and a career that there can be peace and positive days ahead. I highly recommend Danny White to everyone, especially to those who need a true life example of tragedy turned to triumph.”

Reverend Edward L. Ferguson, M.A.
Serving the U.S. Military through
In Ministry with the Assemblies of God
U.S. Missions Military Office

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“At the beginning of 2012, our church of about 500 attendees decided to have a Men’s Rally Breakfast. This was the first of its kind in our brief history in our new building. We promoted Danny White, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Marines, as our guest speaker, and had a band of about 10 men lead our worship time around a delicious meal. We had over 80 men show up at 8 am on Saturday!! It was a BANNER day in which men walked away seeking a band of brothers, and deeper relationship with God. ‘What a great launch for our men’s ministry’ was a comment heard. ‘Haven’t experienced this sort of thing since Promise Keepers’, was another. One man suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from combat found incredible healing after hearing from Danny and talked to him afterward.

You will not want to miss the testimony, and witness displayed by welcoming Danny White to your ministry. Danny’s story is vulnerable, authentic, courageous and triumphant! He’s a ‘Man’s man’ in every sort of way. But don’t limit him to your men! The whole church would have benefited greatly from his message.”

Chuck Peterman, Minister
Senior Pastor, Creekside Christian Church
Saint Johns, Florida

“I want to start by saying what an honor it is to share my heart about Danny. When he came to share his personal intimate testimony without reserve to the people, he captured the heart of our congregation. We were challenged to look far beyond what we can see and understand all that is happening in our own lives and to trust in the guidance of Christ and Christ alone. I would recommend Danny for any opportunity to have him before all that would hear.”

Rev. Brad Kelley
Senior Pastor, Ebenezer Baptist Church
First Vice President, South Carolina Baptist Convention

“I heard Danny speak at King’s Chapel in Clifton VA. Danny’s story is one of horrific loss followed by tremendous restoration. And at the heart of the restoration effort is God. Danny’s transparency helps us all to not only identify with his struggles but to also identify our own struggles as he speaks to them through his own life experience. Danny’s transparency in his relationship with Jesus leads others to the Great Healer.”

Robert White
Men’s Ministry Director

“It has been my privilege to have worked with and known as a friend, Danny White over the past 12 years. While he worked for me, Danny developed officer students at the U.S Army Engineer School, as part of their Engineer Officer Advanced Course.  The training and education they received was aimed at developing them both tactically and technically, in preparation for company command and staff positions. Danny was an outstanding primary instructor for small group subjects including leadership, physical fitness, combat and technical engineering, and combined arms tactics. He was also required to implement and support the Department of Instruction mentorship program, which sought to foster relationships between senior mentors and students. Danny trained 139 EOAC students consisting of U.S. Army and International officers, graduating 11 reserve and active courses. He achieved 2,500+ instructor contact hours (on the platform) and a Master Instructor certification. He was also awarded the U.S. Army Engineer School 2000 Instructor of the Year award for his superior presentation skills and speaking abilities. Despite being regarded as a leader with some of the highest standards of expectations amongst his ten peer instructors, Danny was consistently recognized by the students at course graduation ceremonies as being an “Outstanding Instructor.”  This acknowledgement reflects the highest degree of trust, loyalty, and respect they held for him. Danny is an excellent communicator and his achievements in the military training environment are testament to those skills.  He is also cut from the finest moral cloth and I would commend him to any organization who seeks a polished, professional and honest interaction.”

Dave M. Luhrs
Royal Military College of Australia

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