Freedom in Finances: Part 4 (LwL #8)

I looked our financial advisor in the eye and said, “I don’t know when my wife or I will die or when Jesus will return. But I do not want to have to tell Jesus, ‘Lord, I was going to give money to invest in your kingdom later.’” It seemed as if I were speaking Greek to our advisor.

He reiterated his points about not reducing our investment amount now.

Realizing that our advisor was resisting my wife and I with what we believed God wanted us to do, I told him, “You can either help us reduce our monthly investment allotment or we’ll take our money and investments elsewhere.”

He saw fit to reduce our monthly allotment.

The next week I made an appointment to talk with our chaplain (our chapel pastor). I explained to him what we had done and asked him if there were any needs that we could help meet. He started to answer then stopped. He told me, “Danny, God will show you what to do with that money.”

I walked out of the chaplain’s office confused and in a “huff” with God. “Lord, we now have money to give your kingdom as an offering – beyond our tithes. I asked your man for advice – and you won’t tell me where to give?”

The next morning while exercising at the gym, I crossed paths with another chaplain. He asked me, “Danny, how are things going with the weekly lunchtime Bible study you lead?”

I replied, “I’m thinking about ending it. The same two people don’t attend from week to week. We’ve started with Rev. Ray Vander Laan’s Faith Lesson #1 at least three times.”

“Do you offer food?” the chaplain asked me. “Have you thought about asking the Post Chaplain’s office for funds to purchase pizza for your study? Just so you know, I can get drill instructors to come to anything if I offer free pizza.” (smile)

Like a lightning bolt, the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “That’s where you can invest that money in my kingdom.” And I knew he meant for us to buy pizza.

We began to purchase pizza weekly from a pizza store off base and within a few weeks we had 35 people consistently attending. And we had no more financial strain with our monthly budget.

Even years later, we receive encouraging comments from those who attended and what that Bible study did for their faith journeys. And I’ve learned that a spirit of generosity frees you from being enslaved by the love of money and the deceitfulness of riches.

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2 Responses to Freedom in Finances: Part 4 (LwL #8)

  1. Kristian C. says:

    What an awesome testimony: the financial advisor’s puzzlement, the chaplain’s reticence to give an easy answer, and then God’s blessing for obedience-bringing people together to worship and learn of the Master. Wow. Great word.

  2. Jesse L. Rutledge, Sergeant Major, U.S. Army Retired says:

    Thankfully, I was the recipient of many of those weekly Bible study gatherings. I was also fortunate enough to begin attending AFTER the pizza was introduced. I have to assume that I more than likely would have attended even if the pizza wasn’t there, but it sure did make the gathering and fellowship all the more better. Thanks Danny for investing in the Kingdom and imparting the many nuggets of wisdom into my life.

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