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Wed, 04/09/2014 – 15:56 Katie Jones
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By: Katie Jones
Greer Citizen

Danny White did not plan to become a single father. He also did not plan to become a published author.

But they have both happened, culminating in his book, “A Widower’s Walk: From Desert to Destiny.”

“It traces my journey, being out of the Marine Corp, and running a business now, and a lot of milestones along the way,” said White, a Taylors native.

During a move from California to Missouri in 1997, White’s pregnant wife Jenny and 5-year-old son, Danny, were killed in a car accident, leaving him to raise his 3-year-old daughter Hannah and 9-month-old son Ethan.

“It’s essentially the story of my leadership journey and that’s kind of my focus, what I lived through with the sad day my wife and son passed away.”

The Marine Corps commandant called him to see how White was that evening.

“It made a huge impact. One, as a Marine, but also that he took time, busy as he was. That’s the equivalent of a chief executive officer of 175,000-person organization picking up the phone and seeing how a hurting employee is doing. Huge impact on my life. That really was a lifeline of hope. It’s tough, but you’ve got help to make it through this.”

White remarried and had more children: Lydia, 13; Ian, 10; Phillip, 6; Erik, 4 and Noel, 1.

“Our Suburban is full indeed,” he said.

He originally intended for the book to just be for Hannah and Ethan.

“Hannah helped me with editing and Ethan did some, too. Lydia and Ian – a little bit. They’re all pretty excited…Both of them said they cried and they knew the story. I was encouraged, not that I like to see my kids cry, but the fact that it still resonated with them. They’ve lived it, they’ve heard me speak. I’ve been able to tell different parts of the story since January of ’98.”

At his brother’s encouragement, he slowed down the process.

“OK, I’m going to be the marine and attack the hill. I retired, left the Pentagon in June 2012, I’ll have a book by December,” he said. “My brother said, ‘That’s too fast, Danny. It’s not going to be worth it and the book is going to outlive you. Take your time.’ He’s now deceased. That was a tough day, too. He passed away in January of ’13. Heart attack. No idea he had any issues. He was my best friend. I’m glad I listened to his advice and slowed it down.”

“A Widower’s Walk: From Desert to Destiny” is $13.95 and is available through White’s website, White will also appear on Nite Line at 8 p.m. April 9 on WGGS TV-16. He has two more books planned.

“I wanted my children  to know along their faith journey, this is how you were taken care of by God and you didn’t even know it,” he said. “There was not intention for this to go outside of our home. I forget who I let read it and they said, ‘This has got to be published.’” | 877-2076

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